Have you ever been in the home improvement store wishing you had all the measurements for your do it yourself project handy? Have you been in the middle of your project at home and found you can’t find a protractor, ruler and leveler? The iPhone has changed the way we look at our everyday world, and home improvement apps are bigger than ever. There are over 250,000 apps out there. We pulled together 20 of the best iPhone home improvement apps that have helped us, let us know if you have any to add to the list!

Sherwin Williams paint selector iPhone app

1.) Dream Home:, Dream Home Free: Rated 4 stars, $2.99, FREE:  If you need inspiration for color, style, room and design help, the Dream Home app gives you a multitude of full color photos in varying home categories to choose from. Worldwide designers have contributed inspiration photos to help you have ideas in hand to share with your home improvement, designer or sales person to get your point across. No more clipping magazine pictures! Free version also available.

2.) iHandy Carpenter:  Rated 4 stars, $1.99: How much better can the iPhone get when you have a ruler, protractor, bubble leveler, plumb bob, and surface leveler all in the palm of your hand. Whether you are hanging a picture and need the leveler, or you are mitering the corners of crown molding, this app is for you!

3.) Home Sizer: Rated 3 stars, $2.99: If you are in the process of designing a home and need to compare costs of supplies, materials, and square footages of the project, then this app is perfect. Easy to read interface and allows you to even figure in mortgage payments and interest before you build your dream home!

4.) Palettes: Rated 2 stars, FREE:  Are you trying to match colors to a paint or fabric in your home improvement project? Palettes app allows you to grab colors from pictures, magazines, or websites and match/contrast with color schemes. This app is good for choosing accent wall colors and comparing colors for your interior and exterior projects.

5.) Drywall Calculator: Rated 3.5 stars, $0.99: Anyone who has ever tried to calculate drywall for a room knows how time consuming and confusing it can be with paper and pencil. Trying to keep the lengths correct along with the height, removing doorways/windows, etc… The drywall calculator will let you figure square footages easily and faster. Includes data area for measuring ceilings and sloping walls.

6.) Handy Man DIY: Rated 5 stars, $2.99: This app has just about everything you will need for your home improvement project. From categorizing your products in a shopping list format, to measuring ‘take-offs’ for your individual rooms and adding together the measurements. Other features include do it yourself step-by-step instructions for common projects and video tutorials!

7.) HomeLogic Mobile Control: Rated 4 stars, FREE: Wouldn’t you love to be able to control your home’s lights, heating, alarm system and audio from the touch of your iPhone? This app works through WiFi or over the internet. Also available are controls of home video cameras, air conditioning and pool!

8.) Home Interior Layout Designer – Mark On Call: Rated 3 stars, $2.99: This app is for those that want a room planning tool, take off list, and quick idea guide all in one. For those that are trying to design a space, go to the store from a material list in an easy user friendly interface, this app is perfect for you. From iTunes library – “It’s the next best thing to hiring a designer or having an assistant.” – Apartment Therapy

9.) inchCALC: Rated 3.5 stars, $1.99: Have you ever had to add fractions on a calculator and have to keep converting them to decimals? inchCALC is a construction calculator that allows you to add fractions and lengths without converting. This is an essential app for adding up materials and finishes!

10.) iScrew: Rated 3.5 stars, $0.99: This app is for the carpenter or do it yourselfer that needs classification on types of screws, bolts, and fasteners. This educational app helps if you have missing screws and need to ask a home improvement salesperson to assist you finding a replacement. Also helpful in determining what screws work best in what materials.

11.) Tap4RENOVATIONS: Rated 2 stars, FREE: When you need a home contractor this app will help you find the ones that are located closest to you. Choose from a variety of contractors and your most recent calls are stored automatically. This app is perfect for price hunting between contractors, or in an emergency. Who knows when a DIY project will need a professional on the scene!?

12.) Home Maintenance: Rated 3.5 stars, $2.99: Trying to remember when it’s time to change the air filters and or when a repairman fixed your garage door? The Home Maintenance app sets reminders and gives you suggestions as to when your home systems needs regular maintenance and scheduling. Email yourself a complete record of maintenance and add pictures to help keep an archive history of your home and its repairs.

13.) Work Shop: Rated 4 stars, $4.99: Whether you are a novice handy person or a professional contractor, the Work Shop app allows you to order supplies and keep track of them for multiple projects. Keep track of billing, orders, and receiving inventory. For the novice, use it to make future lists and budget how much you will spend on supplies.

14.) Crown Molding Angle Finder: Rated 3.5 stars, $2.99: Have you ever installed crown molding and have to cut a piece 3-4 times because the angle wasn’t correct? Instead of making multiple trips to the store, use the Crown Molding Angle Finder. This app will help you calculate the miter and bevel angles for you! Less mistakes, less time, and oh yes… less waste!

15.) BalusterPro: Rated 4.5 stars, $2.99: Have you ever needed to fix stair balusters? The spacing between the balusters and can also be used on other projects that equal spacing is important. Try using on fences, floor decking and bench seat backs. Select from 6 different railing conditions and types.

16.) Pitch Gauge: Rated 4.5 stars, FREE: Trying to determine what pitch your roof is for roofing supplies and roof projects. If your iPhone has a camera you can angle your phone off of the picture of your roof. This app is great for measuring existing roof slopes and matching an adjacent roof to the same slope.

17.)  Hardwood flooring design: Rated 3 stars, Free: Want to know how your space will look with hardwood flooring before you purchase? Hardwood flooring design takes the guess work out of imagining and gives you the power to see it before you buy it. Wood species information and buyer information also included.

18.) Interior Design – Photo Library: Not rated, $0.99: Interior photo pictures of homes for inspiration. Use for planning out your next space, or thumb through for a digital ‘idea book’. Dozens of interior photographs help you visualize a space and get interior professional ideas without hiring a designer.

19.) Eden Garden Designer: Rated 2 stars, $0.99: Use this handy app to determine what type of flowers you’d like to plant in your garden. From a plant glossary to pictures of planned gardens for you to grab inspiration from. Choose plants from color, height, planting zone and climate categories. A must have app for the avid gardener.

20.) Home Improvement Glossary: This app is for everyone who is new to do it yourself projects and needs glossary terms for starting a new project or fixing an old one. Common knowledge terms and more advanced terms are listed in an easy to read format.

For all of your home improvement needs, the iPhone app store can help you get the job done. These are 20 we think will help the novice and the expert. If you have any you’d like to add, please tell us in the comment section. After all – you can never have too many iPhone apps, can you?