We received some photos of Casa RoHa, a contemporary residence designed by M+N Arquitectos, The home has a total surface of 406 square meters and is located in Puebla, Mexico.Here is the description the architects sent us: “The concept comes from the client’s will of living in a house as an “urban retreat”. The result is a big blind box floating over the street. That makes the house sprawls its sensations and views to the interiors through gardens and patios. The project is designed as a row of spaces connected or beaded by corridors. The public zone, located at the ground floor is configured from an open space concept that faces up to the garden. On this stage the use of each space is given by the change of heights as well as light intensity. The result is the precision in its use and living experience of each space with a visual flow.

In the upper floor, the private zone is configured by independent concrete volumes that create a double height both in the living room and at the patio, between dining room and kitchen. Geometry, natural light and the relation between interior and exterior are the basic axes of this architecture which is outstanding for its charge of materiality. This goal is achieved from materials worked with great expressiveness, by changing flooring materials or by identifying structural elements in walls. The example is the change of white marvel in the ground floor to dark wood in the first floor. The white and light gray wall accentuates the importance of human scale.”