Suppose Design Office took another road than the usual architectural projects out there with this incredible House in Buzen. The concept revolves around the idea of having every room built like separates structures. The corridor is positioned in such a way that it almost surrounds the house, completely separating every room from the next one: “Paths covered by a glass roof weave between the disconnected structures to create an interior space that feels exterior, a private space that feels public, a hall that feels like an avenue. In that space the children can run around, you can enjoy a breeze while you eat, read under the sun, and fall asleep watching the stars.

The 266 square meters building in Fukuoka, Japan resembles a corridor through the family life, giving each inhabitant their own space but making sure they always meet in the middle, under the sun and the glass canopy. Children can play while taking part of nature and its natural changing features. All the individual cubes that form the home – walk in closet, bathroom, main bedroom, living room, kitchen/dining room and two more bedrooms –are dressed in an amazing shade of wood that once again connects to nature. This design reminds us of the Chinese Neo-Siheyuan style, a modern version of old houses made from compartments revamped as villas. The House in Buzen is an amazing tribute to architectural history.