Lake Travis Retreat was designed by Dick Clark Architecture and is located on the shores of the reservoir with the same name in Texas, USA. The project was developed for a growing family who is likely to take regular visits from friends and extended family during the week-ends. The lake and  beautiful oak trees were the main factors in elaborating the house plans. There is a generous terrace overlooking the lake, a perfect place for pleasant conversations or romantic dancing. Large, transparent sliding doors ensure great views of the lake from inside the residence. The home consists of two distinct areas, the public and private spaces: the bedrooms are located in the west wing while the social activities are held in the kitchen or the two main courtyards, inspired by Japanese outdoor design. The family’s love for water was greeted by a large pool and a jacuzzi large enough to accommodate up to twelve people with stunning views of the lake. We really appreciate the diversity of this home and consider it a way to escape the urban jungle with style. How do you find it?