We really love the overall atmosphere that these Swedish apartments inspire. As usual, we are charmed by the simple, yet charming interior design of this 85 square meter flat consisting of three rooms plus kitchen. The living room (first photos) is the heart of this beautiful crib. Light and airy with whitewashed walls, oak flooring and three windows for abundant natural light, this room seems perfect for familiar gatherings. We really like the cozy reading corner, the oval coffee table, the round window and the strong purple contrasting with the white walls. All of these elements create a dreamy living space, both homey and aesthetic. Next to the living room, there is a delightful bedroom featuring a double bed and a wardrobe. Three of the walls are painted in white and the fourth is covered with a nicely patterned wallpaper by Manuel Canovas. We invite you to check out the rest of the interiors and let us know if this home won you over. – via Alvhem