Eva Street Residence was designed by architect Chris Cobb and is located in Austin, Texas. Chris says that the one of the biggest challenges when developing the plans for this project was a 150+ oak tree, situated in the middle of the property. Instead of bringing it down, the construction was built in strong relationship with the tree, sheltering the people inside without making them foreigners in their environment. Here is more information from the architect: “The house is clad in Brazilian Redwood siding and corrugated weathering steel, which adds scale, texture, and a melding of the house with its surrounding landscape while at the same time softening the sharp, crisp geometry of the structure.  The wood cladding extends into the interior of the house, which is also defined by dark chocolate bamboo floors, crisp white walls, meticulous custom made cabinets, and clean detailing.”  With all that lush vegetation around it, the home looks secluded and protected . Photos by Casey Woods Maddeaux and Thomas McConnell