The safety of your home and family should be your number one concern when you’re at home and away. Home alarm systems have come a long way from 10 years ago. Today they do more than just ward off intruders. From calling emergency personnel to controlling the lights from your smart phone, home alarm systems should be in every home.  Here are 10 reasons to invest in a home alarm system today.

1.) Alarm systems are for apartments too: Whether you live in a house or an apartment, safety is a concern for everyone. If you’re an apartment dweller home alarms can help you and your family stay safe and have peace of mind.

2.) Your home is protected continuously: Home owners often forget that they can’t watch their homes around the clock. When you leave to go to work, or store, in 15 minutes, anything can happen! A home alarm system watches your home all the time.

3.) Monitoring available: Depending on your locality, home alarm systems can offer many services. Monitoring will listen for alarms, but some have an enunciator panel or speaker put into your home to listen for an emergency, once the alarm goes off. This prevents false police calls and increases the safety for your home. Locked your key in your house? Your home alarm system can be called to disarm the system, without you tampering with the door!

4.) One touch emergency personnel: Many alarm systems come with a one touch button for fire, ambulance, or police. This can be invaluable if you must leave your home quickly or you need to tend to a sick or injured individual in your home.  Most alarm companies will respond with emergency personnel after a few minutes of non-response after home alarm has been sounded.

5.) Lower home owner insurance policy rate: If you own a home you may receive a discount from your home owner’s insurance company. Homes that have an alarm system are looked at as a lower liability than those without by your insurance company.  Check with your company to see if they offer a discount.

6.) Alarm systems now offer remote control of systems: Did you forget to turn your air conditioning up before you left the house? Did you stay later at the office than expected and the lights aren’t on at your home? Check to see if your alarm company offers home system monitoring. From your air conditioning/heating systems to interior and exterior lighting control.

7.) Ward off intruders: Often times just the presence of an alarm sign in your yard or sticker on your door or front window will ward off intruders.  These visual signs will make an intruder think twice before entering.

8.) Small home based business write off: If you are a small home business you may be able to write off the alarm system expense for that portion of your home on your income taxes. Check with your local/federal government tax rules to see if it applies to your home and business.

9.) Internet & smart phone access: Several alarm companies are giving the option to have access to your home alarm system through the internet or smart phone. This would enable you to turn on/off your alarm remotely as well as monitor when your children come home and other conveniences.

10.) Home alarms systems can help the neighbors: Many neighborhoods, including apartments don’t know when you come and go in your home. If you install an alarm system, the neighbors will know instantly when there is an emergency. This is crucial for your safety and for your neighbors to keep alerted of intruders in your building or neighborhood.

Having a home alarm system is an excellent idea for any home. Use these 10 tips and do research on your own, to see if a home alarm system is your family.  The majority of home owners that have one will tell you it is well worth the money.  After all, you can’t put a price on your home and family’s safety. Freshome reader’s do you have a home alarm system on your home? Tell us what the pros and cons are? We’d love to hear your comments.