When you ask anybody what color of the spectrum exudes cheerfulness, it has to be yellow! As this color is symbolic of the sun and the warmth and cheer it brings the Earth and its inhabitants. The yellow color family spans from bright sunny yellow to more muted gold and umber. If you are stressed and overworked, yellow will help you change your disposition and make you feel happier.  If one color can do all of this, shouldn’t you have yellow in every room? Read on to see 10 ways to enlighten your home with the color yellow.

1.) Yellow and black are sophisticated: Consider adding a punch of yellow in all black room.  A yellow couch, desk, or wall art can take your room from boring in black, to sleek and modern.

2.) Primary yellow loves kid’s rooms: Ever noticed that primary color yellow is used in childcare learning centers and children play areas? Yellow sparks creativity and imagination.  Use it in their rooms to let kids do what they do best – learn and create!

3.) Brighten up your neighborhood: The exterior color of your house can brighten a neighborhood street with yellow instantly.  Try using it as the field color of the entire house, or use it for trim or window shutters. Pale yellows are beautiful on older homes, and brighter yellows coupled with browns look great on beach and tropical homes.

4.) Enliven your home office: If your home office is feeling uninspiring, add some yellow to the color palette. While a all yellow office may be distracting, try coupling it with espresso brown or moss green to spark your creative juices flowing!

5.) Living spaces are inviting with gold: Rich shades of gold and marigold are welcome colors in living and dining rooms.  Since bright yellow can be fatiguing to the eyes, opt for muted tones of the yellow family.  Consider using yellow as an accent in décor and throw pillows on a dark couch, or in an accent rug.

6.) Get cooking with yellow in the kitchen: From yellow bananas to orange-yellow summer squash, your kitchen will feel inspiring with yellow. If your kitchen is the main hub of your house bring yellow into décor as a conversation starter. Your guests will love how lively your kitchen is every time they visit!

7.) Yellow and blue are tranquil in the bathroom: If you’re looking to create a getaway in your bathroom, consider using pale yellow and blue to remind you of sky and beach.  With bath towels, area rugs, and spa inspired décor your bathroom can feel like an oasis.

8.) Use yellow as a backdrop: On the pale side of the spectrum yellow can be mixed with white and bring a hint of color to a room.  In rooms that you want to have decorative colors have a playful backdrop – yellow is a perfect color.  It provides a subtle brightness to blues, greens and looks sublime with red!

9.) Bring yellow into your creative space: Do you have a creative space like a scrap booking or crafting area? Bring yellow into your work area, wall décor, and storage bins for a burst of color and creativity!

10.) Yellow in your yard will brighten up your curb appeal: Yellow flowers, yard accents, and porch furniture will add a cheerful disposition to the exterior of your home. A yellow mailbox is a welcomed treat to the sea of black mailboxes in your neighborhood!

Every space in your home could use yellow in the décor. In the winter, consider adding yellow pops of color around your home to keep it bright and cheerful. Once the cold sets in, welcome signs of spring may be months away. With yellow in your home, every day can feel like a welcomed day of spring.

Freshome readers tell us how you change the mood in your home. Have you tried using yellow? The result may be exciting!