This prefab house with two floors on the Swiss countryside was built taking into account the inhabitants need for privacy and light. FOVEA Architects integrated this modern reminder of a farmhouse into the rural background of the countryside and created the Crooked House. The upper floor is inclined to 40 degrees and rests on top of the first rectangular floor. An angular architectural idea helps protect the privacy of the people living here and will be very helpful once other homes are built next to it. The need for natural light was met by installing huge windows that guide the light indoors. The simple patio in the front of the house offers a calming view and the possibility to enjoy outdoors and the fresh air.

The house faces south and the exterior is made from painted planks of pine that helps the design look more natural and inviting. The asymmetrical structure balances light and privacy while offering a modern house design in the countryside. On the inside, the rooms are painted in light colours to bring in even more natural light. All the ceilings are also made from wood and inspire a sustainable way of living.