Buenos Aires has a condominium typology called “PH” – a corridor connects houses aligned in a very long and narrow lot, measuring 7 meters by 6 meters. The coloured Min House created by Pop-Arq opens to its own patio but does not have a direct connection to the street. With just two rooms, this home is a very well thought interior so that it keeps space loss to a minimum and comfort to the maximum. The first floor is divided into a kitchen, dining and living room and the second floor contains the bedroom. There is a red tin container added to the building where the bathroom, stairs and storage are. The supposed price for remodeling this old building into a stylish condominium is $ 42.000. Uncommon objects were created with the help of the most common and economic materials from the local markets.

The lot area covers just 42square meters, but there are a few beautiful ideas that make this house special: the bathroom furniture (closet, lavatory, laundry and flower pot) is made from recycled materials of the old house; wood and metal were reused to create a modern interior design. The beautiful light in the bathroom comes from the recycled acrylics used to construct the roof – a yellowish sunlight caresses the wooden walls. On the first floor the sun directly warms up the patio connected to the living area through wide folded window panels. Buenos Aires weather can be fully enjoyed in this small but stylish interior patio. This house is an example of good use of space. You can see the interior in a short movie from YouTube:

Via Karmatrendz