When you’re expecting a baby or buying for someone else, the idea of nursery furniture is exciting, and overwhelming. From the color selections to which ones are safe, nursery furniture selecting seems as complicated as the baby itself! There are guidelines that can help you with the task, and put your worries to ease.  Follow these simple tips on buying furniture for a nursery to keep you excited about the wonderful addition coming into the world!

  • Safety is the primary concern: When choosing nursery furniture determine how many pieces of furniture you are going to need for your room.  A crib, changing table, and a chair to sit on are the primary pieces to start off with. When purchasing from a store, check the recall area in the customer service area before buying. Try not to impulse buy.  When buying online – do your research first. Check out customer comments and satisfaction from other buyers and buy brand names that you have heard of.
  • Don’t cut corners: Ensure your baby will have a safe beginning on well built nursery furniture.  Don’t substitute a pillow for a crib, or other measures to cut corners.  Choose cribs that are sturdy and purchase a crib mattress especially made for cribs.  The aesthetics of the furniture is a minor concern, compared to safety. For guidelines for furniture buying enroll in parenting classes at your hospital or seek advice from parents you know well.
  • Plan your budget for furniture: Nursery furniture will be one of the most expensive items you purchase for your baby.  Therefore, the sooner you start planning and researching furniture, the better prepared financially you will be.  Register for multiple baby registries at stores.  Often times a group of people will pitch in and buy one large item like the crib. Try to register at different type of stores.  A departments store, a baby store, and a boutique will all have different selections and price points for your friends and family to choose from.
  • Be careful when accepting/buying used furniture: It is very tempting to want to buy from garage sales and online classifieds when purchasing nursery furniture.  It’s also common for family members to hand down furniture that has been in the family for generations. Be careful when accepting, as older furniture may have lead based paint on it.  Second hand furniture may have been repaired and is now being sold. Safety guidelines change every day, arm yourself with current guidelines before buying older used furniture.
  • Plan for the future: Nursery furniture manufacturers make furniture that will grow with your baby.  Convertible beds usually have 3 stages – a crib, a toddler bed, and a head board that can attach to a twin sized bed when they are older.  Changing tables with storage can later be used for a dresser and display area.  Although these pieces may be more expensive, the long term benefit of assembly, time, and purchasing new furniture will be well worth it.

The birth of a child should be exciting, and the furniture should be the least of your worries. Online nursery furniture stores have a vast selection to choose from, and you can browse from the comfort of your home.  If you are buying for someone else, ask them about their wants before purchasing furniture.  If you’re unsure, check if they have a baby registry to save you embarrassment and money.  Follow these tips and your new baby and family will enjoy a new life of enjoyment.

Freshome reader’s how did you acquire your nursery furniture? Do you have tips for others starting out the process? Being a new parent can be a challenge, and we’d love to hear your comments.