A-cero homes have been a continuous reason of amazement. Their style can be seen from every angle and enjoyed by those who want a completely modern and contemporary architectural piece and a gorgeous interior design. This Black beauty is a newly introduced modular architectural product based on the principles of industrialized construction: production takes place in a factory and the assembly on the spot. And the best part is that even the interior design, decorations and equipment can be made available. The black exterior gives this home a mysterious look and the shine takes it up a notch. Its simplicity lies in the modular construction mode but also in the beautiful interior decorating in black and white, a signature look for A-cero. The gray parts of the decorating unite the two predominant non-colours and the green grass outside makes a striking discordance with the rest, upgrading the standards for all modern homes. Bright lights make all the perfectly fitted elements stand out.

The bright red dots in the kids room is a reminder of a child`s expectations from life: powerful perfection splashed with a hint of colour. To give more livelihood to the kids quarters the designers used bubbles to experiment with the feeling of simple joys. Surprisingly beautiful is the pool, a perfect simple form that holds the most important element: water. All in all, this house is one of the most beautiful ones in a modular form. And there is a secret: A-cero intend to give everyone a chance to have a gorgeous home like this by popularising design and constructive quality in architecture that will not leave you broke.