Stefan Boublil`s Black Apartment design brings a new dimension to the glamorous lifestyle. The concept was made for a client that needs no introduction: Cindy Gallop from BBH advertising.  The brief for this apartment was short and simple: “At night, I want to feel like I`m in a Shanghai nightclub…” And so it is. The locker rooms of the first YMCA in the US became the scene for the designer`s theatrical show. A black-lacquered Chinese box served as inspiration for this aesthetic endeavour. The colours come from over 30 years of collecting different objects from around the world. It all came perfectly together in this ample space, with a network of curtains serving as walls and doors. All objects are identified by the black space that surrounds them, making them pop. The light fixtures provoke shadows to comply to this night club feeling in the middle of New York`s rainbow neighbourhood.

Old and new, expensive works of art and cheap finds combined give the impression of a well balanced space perfect for Cindy Gallop. Her 300 pairs of shoes are displayed each in their own light box. A heaven for women, the shoes occupy the whole width of the apartment.  Luxury meets glam in a “wishes come true” scenario. One of the most beautiful touches is the huge library. It adds to the seductiveness of the apartment and equilibrates the “peep show” feeling. Glam and sparkle drown the idea of a gloomy interior. Nothing in this apartment is usual, everything screams seduction and confidence. As Cindy herself says: “This apartment was designed to be the ultimate bachelorette pad“.

Finally if the pictures from this post are not enough I invite you to check out this video.