It is true that these rings may look a little odd at first, but if you change your perspective and give them a second glance, you will see that they are “architecture rings”, featuring some famous projects around the world. Paris, New York, Moscow, Archipolis village in Rhodes, and even a wooden cottage were reduced to “wearable” sizes and turned into jewelery. The ring designs come from Philipe Tournaire and were created by using gold, silver, amber, cognac, gemstones, platinum and diamonds. They are not very smooth, nor we imagine them to be light in weight, so we have to wonder if the potential customers are in large number. Would you wear such a ring? We dare you to discover the architecture landmarks in the photos below and let us know what you think.

Paris rings

Dubai Palace ring

Chapelle San Lillo rings

Archipolis rings

New York rings

wooden cottage ring

Moscow- Saint Basil Cathedral Ring