Shoppers eager to nab discounted furniture at cut-rate prices may soon be able to bypass Craigslist and head straight to the mother ship of cheap home furnishings: IKEA. A few days ago on August 28, the Swedish furniture company started selling second-hand Ikea products online in Sweden and they intend to extend this idea to other foreign outlets. Here is what Peter Agnefäll, CEO of IKEA Sweden told the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter about this innitiative : “It is about taking an environmental responsibility for how our products are used in the longer term and making it easier for our customers to do their part for their responsibility towards the environment.” We can say that this is a nice step toward sustainability, but in the same time we’re wondering about the quality of the pieces that will be sold. Finally would you buy second-hand furniture from IKEA ? And what do you think about this idea ? – Via – Time