We don’t know if you ever imagined how an IT Entrepreneur’s Home would look like, which is why we decided to give you a glimpse of a futuristic project, to say the least. Villa F is located in Vienna, Austria and was designed by the architects over at Najjar & Najjar. A real fan of Mac computer designs and Lamborginis, the owner wanted a place where he could live and work and that would reflect his passions. Moreover, he made sure his crib housed the latest trends in home technologies. Plasma TVs jumping out of seemingly common furniture, a large aquarium with computer generated graphics, LED lighting and sound systems turned on and off with the help of a mouse click- everything in this futuristic place is digitally maneuvered. We are really curious to find out what you think about this house, because from where we are standing, it doesn’t look to homey. It would also be fun to know if you think this place is suited for the personality of someone working in IT.