Space maximization is a growing trend lately in apartment design. Countries like China or Japan make enormous efforts to come up with ideas for small places due to the fact that their urban population is increasing at a rate never encountered before. Today’s apartment however is located in Paris and comes from designer Paul Coudamy. Entitled Red Nest, this original project houses a bedroom, a dressing area and a home office all “squeezed” into just 23 square meters. You probably wonder how this was possible. The uncommon crib houses ingenious solutions that counterweight the lack of space. First off, the bed and dressing area can be hidden by a mobile bookshelf, that is very easy to maneuver. Two way mirrors are used to delimit rooms and create the feeling of space. We also noticed an interesting “shelter” in the ground, but didn’t find more information about its functionality. If you happen to know what it serves as, please let us know. All in all, this red and white apartment seems like an ideal place to live in without making any compromises regarding style or function. Do you agree? – Via – Mocoloco