Our children usually don’t have a say in the look of their rooms.  Nurseries are created before babies are born, and by time they do have a say, they’re moving off to college! Children’s wall colors and decor ideas have come a long way from the traditional pink and blue.  From gender neutral spaces to theme derived walls, here are simple décor ideas to decorate your children’s rooms.

COLORS: In homes today kid’s rooms don’t have to stick to the ordinary colors of generations past.  Gender neutral colors are becoming more popular and lend the opportunity for the space to become multifunctional.  Colors like sage green, yellow, red, and chocolate brown can be paired with neutrals white, black or tan to give a modern take on kid’s décor.   If you plan to have the room pair with another function, such as an office consider using colors that will not diminish either function. For example, consider pairing dark espresso wood furniture of both office and kids.  Then use matching colors in each area of the room. Patterns and materials can be diverse to differentiate the function and use of the space.  This technique ties the space together visually, and leaves the space enjoyable for kid and adult.

THEME INSPIRED: Kid’s rooms have always been a space where adults can let their creativity shine through.  Theme inspired bedroom are a nice way to let children have a place of their own and they can use their imagination to dream.  Theme inspired rooms can range from sports, hobbies, or whimsical fantasy lands.  Consider using wall murals, stickers, wallpaper, or fabric to bring the theme alive.

DO IT YOURSELF: Whether it is you grabbing a paint brush, or your kids grabbing a marker, do it yourself décor can save you money and feel rewarding when finished. Coloring book inspired wallpaper in black and white is available for children to color themselves! Painted murals on walls can be as intricate or simple as you like. A simple silhouette painted in a contrasting color to the wall can make the simplest room instantly have character.

SAVING MONEY: Decorating your kid’s room doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  Similarly, to decorating in other rooms of your home, online classifieds are a perfect place to find good deals on furniture.  Also consider thrift stores and clearance areas of department stores! These places can be a gold mine. Often times mismatched bedding, and slightly imperfect room décor will make your kid’s room perfect.  Also consider antique stores for one-of-a-kind items.  Don’t like the color or finish? With a few simple tools, and a new can on paint or stain, you can breathe new life in to an old piece of furniture.

The opportunity to make your kid’s rooms memorable should be fun and stress free.  Freshome reader’s how have you decorated your kid’s room? Have any tips for saving money, or finding cool do it yourself projects to do?  Leave us your comments, someone can always benefit from them !