The urban lifestyle of living can be exciting and familiar. The close proximity to resources, shops, and convenient transportation are amenities which urban dwellers love.  The flip side of urban living can be loud traffic, close proximity to neighboring noise, and restricted views from certain rooms of your home.  If you are an urban dweller that lives 10 stories above the street, you may not encounter these challenges.  For those that do have to face these challenges, here are ways to create a relaxing environment inside of your urban home.

NOISE: The sounds of cars and street life can often be a nuisance.  To help filter out sounds consider materials in your home that will help block, and slow down the transmission of sound. If you live in a home that you can change out the windows, consider buying double paned windows.  This will help in noise reduction, and will increase your energy savings by keeping air leaks to a minimum. If you can’t change the windows, heavy drapery and layering window treatments may help keep noise levels lower. To make your space more relaxing, consider having a fountain that generates soft sounds that will also help mask noise.

LIGHT: In urban living the amount of windows that is in your home is a hot commodity.  Meaning, the more large windows you have the more desirable your home is.  Often times the amount of light that comes through urban homes is too much and needs to be softened.  Through the use of layered window coverings, sheers, drapery and blinds can give you more control on the ambiance of your space.   If you have the opposite challenge of not enough light, then try to make your space brighter through use of wall color, décor, and creative artificial lighting.  Humans crave spaces with light.  If your space feels like you can manipulate the lighting, you will instantly feel more relaxed and at peace.

CRAVING NATURE: Some urban living spaces have the drawback of not being one with nature as a suburban home would be.  This fact shouldn’t prevent you from being creative and bringing in nature to your urban space.  Live plants, greenery, water, and organic materials can help your space get that nature ‘fix’ that you love.  Use wall murals, paintings, and rugs made from jute, and sea grass to have your interiors feel calming and welcome.  Does your building have a rooftop terrace area or balconies? These spaces can help you get fresh air, reconnect with the outdoors, and have a brief escape when nature is what you’re craving.

Your urban home can be a relaxing sanctuary regardless of the hustle and bustle outdoors.  Urban living is one of the most popular and desirable ways to live.  It combines cosmopolitan living and working all in one area, who wouldn’t love this? Follow these tips and see how your space is transformed.

Freshome Reader’s, share with us your experiences of urban living. Do you have special techniques to deal with the challenges that urban living throws you? We’d love to hear from you!