ALMA is the new vases collection designed by the A-cero Architecture Studio´s director Joaquin Torres and his partner Rafael Llamazares, for Vondom Furniture Company. They were inspirited in nature in order to design this original and innovative set. The stylized forms of ALMA seem plant stems that climb from the ground working as flowers and sheets stands. With ALMA, A-cero offers a new decoration concept without never leaving aside the practicality. Indeed, these flowerpots holders can be installed in interior and exterior spaces and they hold in great conditions, even under the most extreme temperatures. Furthermore, you can find these pieces with several sizes and colours, and with a built-in lighting system for any interior or exterior space. This vases set is made by moldeo rotacional, a semi-handmade and slow process that guarantees the maximum quality of the product and takes care of all the details. Slender, dynamic, elegant and light lines create ALMA as an ideal vases collection for the avant-garde architecture, as the A-cero one.