Located in a fascinating natural environment in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Casa en el Bosue (or “the House in the Forrest”) comes from Parque Humano, an architecture company with a very captivating portfolio. This beautiful home is so perfectly integrated in the surrounding landscape and so elegantly camouflaged that it seems it has always been there. More information on the residence from the architects: “Two pavilions, unequal in size, are set in front of the pool area. The first and biggest one contains the living and dining spaces, kitchen and a working studio. The second one: two bedrooms. Each pavilion was carefully placed on the site, incorporating all the existing trees into the program and facing the most important views.Visitors are received under the protection of a steel enclosure, entering through a small door that leads to the living room, thereby emphasizing the contrast between the closed nature of the entrance and the full openness of the living spaces and the valley itself.”