Somehow we’ve gotten used to houses being built on the most outrages terrains in terms of slopes and heavy level differences. Still, here’s another one that fits the profile: This 4500 square feet house comes from TsAO & McKOWN and is located in Singapore. In this case, it seems that the house shapes the terrain and not the the way around. In fact, the architects willingly modified the almost flat land in order to give the livable cube a more appealing shape. Here is some more information from the architects: “The primary challenge was to design for the needs of a yet-to-be-determined client. Another significant issue was how to root the house to the earth; the nearly flat site in a young growth forest offered no footing. We responded by reshaping the topography, establishing the first level slightly below grade and sculpting the surrounding terrain into a gentle rise. In addition to anchoring the house, this also allowed the visible volume to be reduced, and enabled the creation of indoor/outdoor spaces that are at once secluded, yet very open to their surroundings.”-via Digs Digs