How many of you thought about living in a secluded area, with no annoying neighbors and neighborhoods, a refugee of tranquility and peace? In this post we would like to show you how this idea can be brought to life. This amazing cave home belongs to Curt and Deborah Sleeper and is located in Festus, St. Louis. The family bought the place a few years ago and managed to turn the cave into a welcoming home.The house has three levels and no less than 37 sliding glass doors to serve as windows. This reduces the need for artificial lighting to the maximum. Before moving in, quality air tests were made and three dehumidifiers were installed.

You probably did not see coming, but the unusual home is all-equipped: electric light, current water and a sewer system- all was taken care of by the owners. Asked if there were any bats or bugs in the cave, Curt Sleeper answered: “Nothing a cat or two won’t handle”. The owner also stated that after this experience, he “would never live in a box again”. Sadly enough, the family is confronted with financial problems and they may not afford the house in the future. How unfair.-via Inhabitat