We found this interesting design idea that is meant to make life easier when it comes to ironing and the need for space to do so.  Sure the ironing tables were a great invention and the fact that they pack up and can be stored in a place somewhere is really helpful. However, you might also want to check this thing out.  Designed by Nils Wodzak and manufactured by  Konzept Design from Germany, this “Mirror ironing board closet” product comes with at least the three useful features mentioned in its name. At a first glance it is a mirror, nicely fit in the room. As the mirror is “open”, an ironing board appears and a lamp is “triggered” as well, creating a good environment for ironing with style. This type of multifunctional item could be a good investment in a small apartment, saving plenty of space. The prices range from €200 to €300.- via The Design Blog