“Embedded”  in the  exotic Antiparos lands in Greece, this stunning home comes to demonstrate, once again, that stone homes are a real trend of the 21st Century. The amazing architecture plans belong to Deca, a company based in Athens.  This place literally fusions with the environment, and its design “is a dual response to the particular topography of the site and to the rural domestication techniques that in the past shaped the raw ‘Cycladic island’ landscape”. The architects took advantage of the meeting between two slopes in order to build the “Aloni” residence, which seems naturally camouflaged in its environment.

Here is some further information on the design from Deca Architects: “The presence of the house is revealed by the four courtyards carved into the flowing landscape. The courtyards separate the living spaces into five interior areas, an arrangement which resembles the fifth side of a dice. As a result, the house is protected from the elements yet is full of natural light, generous views and a compact but rich relationship to its setting. The name of the house itself, Aloni, refers to the remains of a crop-harvesting circle that was found and preserved as part of the agricultural past of the site”. The place is located in a rustic area, far away from the noise and hustle of the big city life. Its interior, with simple elements, has a contemporary feel. Who knows- this may just become another attraction of the Greek Islands.