From Rangr Studio comes the breathtaking Casa Kimball. If Freshome still had the “dream homes” section, this would have definitely been a perfect candidate for our list. We will start with the things that particularly got our attention and continue with the rest. First off- have you noticed its location? Kasa Kimball is situated on a cliff, neighbored by the Atlantic Ocean and with fantastic views of the little thing from almost every room of the villa. The next striking thing – a beautiful three edge infinity pool located by the ocean. Using a  blue reflective tile,  the architects say that the pool’s surface changes color to match the ocean– gray, aquamarine, and deep blue. Also, when the guests of the villa swim in the pool towards the ocean, it gives them the illusion of actually swimming in the Atlantic. Last, but not least, a cliff-top jacuzzi comes to make us even more eager to experience water in an exotic place. The place has 8 bedrooms, public spaces for dining and private meetings. It can also be rented for events and holiday retreats for the sum of $4000 a day in high season. Have we awaken your interest?