The weather outside may be frightful, but this Hopscotch Rug would certainly be a delightful home addition for your kids — and we bet most adults won’t be able to walk past it without putting a hop in their step. This classic sidewalk game that really gets kids jumping for joy can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, rain or shine – just unroll the enchantingly illustrated play rug, and let them hop their way to fun and fitness. Made of 100% fine Argentine wool pile, the Hopscotch Rug boasts a realistic look via hard twist wool and a gahbe dyeing technique. I think that the Hopscotch Rug is something that every kid must have in their room don’t you think ? P.S – Be careful with your neighbors especially if you live in an apartment. You can purchase the Hopscotch Rug from CB2 for 199$.