If you have some space in your house and you need more room to store your clothing why not add a walk in closet. One thing that we already know is that walk-in closets are huge. They are at least huge enough for you to comfortably walk into. Hence the term ‘walk-in’. The amount of space available within a walk-in closet allows you freedom of creativity in organizing your storage space. I know that a lot of people would want a walk in closet, but just a few of them have the space to implement one. This chic walk-in closet design with glass walls by Spazzi – a premier European master cabinet maker – is every fashion fanatic’s dream!

This walk-in closet is a luxury a clothing aficionado shouldn’t be without, offering lots of space and storage, so your clothing and accessories are organized, easy to find and easily accessible, whether you’re dressing for work or primping for a night on the town. This glass walk in closet an awesome addition to any contemporary space. – Via – Trendir