Designed by Guillermo Perez , this innovative chair entitled G-83 is both artistic in character and a unique modern piece of furniture which requires an open mind to how a living space can be used. G-83’s atypical use of material, size, and shape was created to be utilized as both an indoor and outdoor piece of furniture. This piece uses extremely sturdy materials throughout its construction. The frame is constructed of ultralight-mdf and layered with a fiberglass and high-end automotive body filler and the finish is achieved by a professional grade ultra-white automotive paint. The seating portions are constructed of a two layer cushion system to reduce compression but keeping a soft contact and wrapped with a black vinyl membrane.

G-83 was formally generated by using three common positions of respite. The first encounters the “lounging” position which allows the user to relax with the ability to use ones lap for a table top. The second being the commonly known “sitting” position which gives the user the freedom to use a secondary apparatus such as a computer, table, desk, etc. The third being the unintuitive position known as “ergonomic” arrangement which inhibits strain on the typically used muscles and can be used for reading or any in-hand type situations. The profiles from each position were then taken, placed and linked in a circular quality to allow for simple rotation of the object. Subsequently, the interconnecting of the profiles created three pivoting points which are then used for the transformation of the piece of furniture. What do you think about this project that Guillermo Perez sent to us ?