We really liked the way these pictures were taken and especially how the black&white house seems to rise from the snowy lands. But these are rather irrelevant facts when confronted with some of the more “technical details”. The “CCO1” as a project belongs to Levenbetts, an architecture firm from New York. Located in Columbia County, the place has 2 bedrooms, 2,5 bathrooms, a garage,a study room and of course a dining space and a kitchen. Here is some information on the architecture plans from the project developers: “the design follows the direction and modules of crop lines that are created by the machinery used to farm he land. The house is organized between two linear volumes, one wet and the other one dry. The wet zone contains bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and utilities and the dry one contains living, dining, study and bedrooms”. You’ve probably come across larger or more imposing houses on Freshome. Still, do you think this place lacks anything?