If you have a passion for cars you may have heard about James May. The guy is producer and co-presenter on one of Britain’s best TV Shows, Top Gear. Also known as Captain Slow, James is more than just a guy with a passion for engines. He also loves LEGO and to prove that he’s serious about it, after beer with the “mates” he decided to build — entirely from LEGO pieces  — a real two-storey house, where he’ll live upon completion. Located in the middle of the Denbies Wine Estate, in Dorking, UK, the building is going to use 3 million colorful bricks, will feature a Lego toilet and LEGO furniture. – via

“The idea first came up over a beer, when we were talking about what we would have built as kids if we had enough Lego. Your imagination is always bigger than your stockpile when you’re a kid. Up until now, the largest thing I’ve ever built with Lego was probably a plane or a battleship, because that was all I could build with the amount I had,” said James.