Morelos, 60 kilometers South of Mexico City, is a warm place with an adequate amount of green vegetation. But don’t expect a conventional looking family abode from the Los Amates House, because this light, milky, and concrete frame really has what it takes to be an urban innovation amidst the green foliage surrounding it.

An attempt to warm up the ambiance by inserting some natural approach is finely done by placing a wooden lattice which connects the guests’ bedroom to the entire house section. The second floor is functioned to hold all privacy of the resident, without leaving luminosity needs behind. There is this light folding glass integrated all over the house, which at night will light up a magnificent lighting effect.

Jorge Hernandez de la Garza was able to link up this single family house’s inner and outer side, by merging outdoor view into the house through the double height in the parlor and a contemporary swimming pool to unite Los Alamante House’s modern feel with its natural surrounding.