Greg Lynn Architects has designed his first commissioned residential project ‘The 4,200-square-foot Bloom House’ that was build for a film and television director. Bloom house is a great example of a colorful home interior which is decorated using unusual minimalist furniture. This first physical realization of Lynn work is especially impressive when judged by interior spaces, which employ deliberately distorted surfaces. These undulating surfaces appear everywhere, from the walls, to the furniture, to the lighting fixtures. The interior is stark and white, with bright pops of color in the form of artwork and furniture upholstery. Lynn managed to create an intriguing piece of architecture that shields its true nature from the casual passerby. The only hint is part of a curved, yellow fiberglass light fixture that illuminates the porch. The fixture continues inside and, in following the nature of the house, expands into an intricate sculpture. – Via – NyTimes