Modern bathroom design has been steadily transitioning into a “simple is better” mentality over the last decade, and bathroom vanities have been following a similar trend. Take, for instance, the 23” Balboa corner vanity. Simultaneously striking and subtle in its design, the Balboa does seem to attract attention. But that’s the interesting thing about it: the Balboa doesn’t really try to attract attention. Modern vanities tend to maximize your space, at the cost of sacrificing all those extraneous design flourishes. It should be noted that most modern bathroom vanities are very eye-catching despite their simple design, and the Balboa is no exception. Its wedge-shaped countertop is made from clear tempered glass, and its round edge is very smooth. The shape and choice of material for this vanity is very effective, and the Balboa will really draw attention to any corner it’s installed in.

The Balboa is a wall mounted bathroom vanity, which adds to its visual appeal but also gives you plenty of leg room (or storage space) underneath the countertop. The Balboa is not equipped with shelving space, as is the trend with many contemporary bathroom vanities. This means if you’re an organization fanatic, you may want to find a vanity that better suits your needs. A towel rack is provided, however, and the built-in vessel sink does leave some countertop space for your toiletries. Overall, the Balboa is a great example of modern design principles in the contemporary bathroom, and its relatively low cost (about $480 at Bathgems) makes it a fine addition to any home. You can find more information about this product by clicking here.