In what is becoming a trend that is gaining great following, Feng Shui has become a sought after craft that even designers are forced to study because more and more customers are asking for it. But you do not have to be a deep student of the subject to follow some of its simplest techniques. Feng Shui is an art of living in harmony with the elements and while some of its intricate matters need expert touch, the most basic principles can be implemented with ease. Here are some simple tips for those who wish to get started on the harmonious way of living and decorating.

Positive Chi is always clutter-free

Chi is the energy flow that is professed by Feng Shui and if you keep the energy flow positive in the space that surrounds you, then your life becomes all the more peaceful. The best way to achieve this positive Chi is to keep your home and office space clutter-free. Cramped up spaces, piled up trash and irregular arrangement not only look bad, but is detrimental to your thought process as well.

#1 Understand your home’s Ba-Gua

Ba-Gua is the map that indicates the flow of Chi in each particular home and how you can alter it. You can always contact an expert to understand  Ba-Gua and how to vary it for positive results. While this is a bit more complicated than other simple steps, it will help you greatly in altering the atmosphere that surrounds you.

#2 Make sure that furniture faces the door

By making sure that all your furniture faces the door, you ensure that there is always a positive flow of the Chi. This seems pretty scientific too, as it offers you better ventilation, fresh air and a view of who exactly is waling in and out. Make sure that the furniture is aligned in a proper fashion with a set pattern.

#3 Use mirrors at the end of hallways and make wide and spacious pathways

Dead ends are not good for a positive flow of the chi. Hence you should put up a mirror at the end of each hallway to create the illusion that it is endless. This makes the room look a lot more spacious and offers better lighting as well. The pathways must be spacious, wide and clean so that there is free and uncluttered movement of the chi.

#4 Create a calm and tranquil environment

Ensuring that the atmosphere around you is peaceful, quiet and serene is a great way of creating positive chi. Instead of making noise use chimes to ensure that gentle and beautiful tunes are created as the wind blows.

#5 Bring in green plants for a refreshing look

Decorate your home with as much green as possible as this will create a positive flow of energy. This gives a great look to your home and adds life to the interiors. You can also add more life by bringing home a fish tank.

#6 Color your home in the right fashion

Use tranquil and neutral colors and soothing textures as much as possible Avoid bright colors that disturb you and create unrest. This is all the more true for places of rest such as bedrooms and sitting patios. Also, avoid colors such as bright red as they promote restlessness.

Feng Shui is no alien art as many would have you believe. Simple, peaceful and clean lifestyle is all it is and if you are following that, then it is most likely that Feng Shui has already made its way into your home. For those who have not tried it yet, give it a shot to notice the difference!