Do you remember the 1964 House For Sale in London that we scooped last week? Today we have another one. It’s much cheaper and I can say has a higher dose of both modernism and minimalist design. Designed and built in 1967 by architect Colin Huntley, this beautiful three-bedroom terrace house has been highlighted in the famous Buildings of England series.

The house has been under intensive remodeling by STUDIO Blueboat who had the mission to make the living-room/dining-room larger and to move the kitchen into a specially designed zinc, steel and oak extension. Featuring a small courtyard garden at the front and a larger enclosed garden at the rear, the house makes it easy for those that want to live “close to nature”.

On the inside, everything looks perfect, lined up, with the right colors and large glasses to allow the sun rays inside. The best of them all, I think it’s the open-up living-room, with the large couch and the white walls. What do you like the most? Oh and I forgot. That house is for sale, for £325,000.