For those of you who always wanted a fireplace in their home here is how you can make your dream come true. Firesgalore launched the Superior Athos Flueless Gas Fire, a solution that can be easily placed in any home and offers sleek, clean styling that will bring drama and ambience to both modern and traditional interiors. The Superior Athos flueless gas fire is 100% fuel efficient and puts out from 2.0kW to 3.5kW of heat on natural gas. Using patented “clean burn” catalytic technology, the Athos actually improves the quality of the air in the room, reducing common pollutants and allergens such as cigarette smoke and odors.

The catalytic converter itself requires no cleaning, and current research estimates that it has a life span of at least 27 years. The flames are created by a horizontal burner, giving the Athos the feeling of a living landscape. Finally for those of you who wonder how big the Athos flueless gas fire is, here are the details you want to know : 515mm in height, 925mm wide and projects 180mm when mounted on the wall. This product can be bought for Gas Fires Galore for £714.