Do you know what a BMW M series is? A highly tuned car that not only looks very sporty but also is. Well I guess that’s exactly what Mark Koehler Architects wanted when they built the M House (really has an M shape) in 2005 in Almere, the Netherlands, for the privacy of its residents and its street presence. Talking of privacy, the house must be using special wood to keep noise on the outside and also, the architects designed it closed on the street side and opened in the back where’s a garden.

I really enjoy the big glass windows that let natural light invade the whole living space, but my honest opinion is that if these guys want to have a modern house they should into buying different type of furniture. Don’t get me wrong, nothing ugly, but it does look a bit classy to me. And one last thing … when you say garden, you really expect more green stuff in there considering that it’s built more than 3 years ago. Right?