A few days ago I’ve received an email from a reader called Marko, and the email said :

Thank you for this so nice blog! Just one small suggestion, I am sure it’s nothing original, yet why don’t you put those buttons that enable us viewers to share content of your blog on sites like Facebook, Myspace and similar? Few times I wanted to post something I saw here on Facebook, but there just was no such option…
Keep up this good work anyway!

Until I’ve got this email I’ve never thought that people want to share things from my blog on social web communities like Facebook, Myspace, etc … but after I’ve got this email I’ve said to myself to add an option that will let share the content from this blog with their friends. Now as you can see in the screenshot attached below at the end of every post you have a “Share This!” button that will allow you to share something you like with your friends. ( ShareThis allows you to easily share to any of your friends by importing your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Outlook, and more. )Finally I would like to ask people if they find this new option useful, and tell me in a comment what they think about this ..