Water features have got to be the top must-have features in gardens. One of the best designers who creates wonderful water sculptures is William Pye (UK). He takes his inspiration from nature and the way he manipulates water is truly outstanding such as his vortex fountains. Although he makes smaller versions, the largest one has got to be his masterpiece. The fountain is called Charybdis and is located in Seaham Hall in Sunderland, UK.

Why he named it such will be familiar to those who know their Greek mythology. Charybdis was once a sea nymph who made the God Zeus mad enough to change her into a monstrous whirlpool which swallowed up whole ships. Pye’s vortex fountain has all the mesmerizing beauty of the original siren it was named after. The fountain has steps around it which serves as viewing platforms so people can gaze at the vortex from above. A transparent acrylic cylinder is where water rushes through under high pressure and forms a sustained air core in the middle. The filtration system has to be very good to keep the vortex fountain in tip-top shape. – Via