I don’t know what was in Mario Philippona head when he created these pieces of erotic furniture. His work is inspired by the most attractive female forms, and his pieces available for sale are hilarious. The pieces might be unique, but they are to much, for example how would you explain to your kids that the furniture looks like a woman part ? Mario Philippona is a Dutch craftsman that specializes in erotic furniture carvings and he uses the female anatomy as inspiration for his range of cupboards, wardrobes and tables. Mario Philippona said : “The shape of a woman, her organic architecture, combined with my passion for wood inspired me to sculpt these sexy designs.” Finally I don’t think that to many people would buy a piece of furniture like this, and for Mario I would like to suggest to use his skills to create things that are a little bit more useful, and not so vulgar ( or maybe these pieces were created just to get some attention ? ).