Breaking away from traditional faucet designs Kohler’s Karbon is a new design which essentially “articulates from a compact pole-looking thing into a long arm that reaches right where you need it.” The new faucet design from Kohler, is just like a smart robotic arm that can move the faucet to any place you wish to fill the liquid from. The angular, linear aspect of the Karbon is sure to be as appreciated for its futuristic good looks as for its fantastic functionality. Clever engineering means that the faucet can hold any pose. It’s great for filling large pots, pulling down into the sink to prepare food, and tucking away out of the way when it’s not in use. What’s more, it’s designed to be used hands-free. With a modern, textured user-friendly surface, this faucet is finished in gleaming polished chrome. Kohler tells us Karbon’s list price is “$925 and up,” and it should be available by June or July. – Via – Bornrich