The Morphosis Omega Shower System from Jacuzzi is a steam shower designed by Ferrari design company Pininfarina. Equipped with steam, arometherapy and massage systems, a complete lighting system and all the other features you would expect from a system like this, the Omega is a perfect solution for your showering needs. Also as you can see from the pictures below this stunning shower system incorporates a curved teak seat, massaging pebble flooring, with endless shower combinations from soft rain shower to invigorating body sprays all encased in a sleek glass panels. Electronic controls further enhance the showering experience with adjustable lighting and temperature monitoring. Finally I think that the Morphosis Omega Shower System looks very good, but is to equipped, and if something breaks I’m pretty sure that you’ll need serious assistance. Now if you want something like this in your home you’ll need a lot of money …$27,126 but you’ll be sure that from now on any bathroom will look like crap compared with yours.