I’m used to see all kind of futuristic projects on the web, but this one is really something outrageous. This titanic project for a high-tech, artificial island capable of movement was thought up by architect Jean-Philippe Zopponi. I don’t expect to see this project to soon, but if the AZ Island eventually sees the light of day, it will measure 400 metres long by 300 metres wide and be able to welcome up to 10,000 passengers. The ovoid island’s shape and size – 29 floors high and a surface area equivalent to 4 football fields – will necessarily limit its speed (4 times slower than a cruise ship). Obviously, the island will be too large to berth. A boat or helicopter will therefore be needed to access its cabin; for this reason, a landing pad and marina have been planned. AZ Island should also be able to withstand 20-metre-high waves, as well as hurricanes. I don’t even want to imagine how something like this will be managed, is something just to much for my imagination. Via: Thebuilderblog.wordpress & mv.lycaeum.org