North Carlton Green House is a breutiful green project designed by Zen Architects, and is located in Melbourne, Australia. The North Carlton Green House was inspired by the clients intuitive connection with landscape and the sun, complemented by our innovative use of sustainable design principles. Plants were integrated into the building to create a living, breathing, sustainable space that is a delight to inhabit. A rooftop garden provides an urban oasis perched above the surrounding rooftops nestled in the tree tops.

Water consumption is minimized through collecting rainwater and re-using grey water in the garden. The gardens are watered by automated subsurface irrigation systems to minimize water lost through evaporation. Passive heating is provided by a two storey north facing void that allows sun to penetrate deep into the house heating thermal mass of exposed concrete floor and ceiling. Passive cooling is provided by windows located to catch breezes cooled by the courtyard plants and pond while a two storey void facilitates natural heat removal through stack effect.