Marie Carlson and he 9 year old son redecorated his bed room and they’ve sent us pictures with the final result. Here you can see how they decorated a “Dinosaur” themed bedroom without spending to much money ( budget redecorating ). Now le’ts find out how Marie and her son started and finished this project ..

I gave my 9-year old son, at the time of planning this, a catalog with kids beddings, I chose four that my fit his interest and he picked his favorite, dinosaurs, how unusual!!! He got the sheets, comforter a valance and a dinosaur lamp for his 9th birthday. After looking at his room over the summer and getting ideas of our own and looking through magazines, we started to pick out the colors for his walls. I tried to match some colors with his sheets.

We wanted the area where his bed is, looking “cave like”. We bought two kinds of gray, one as a base and a darker shade as the top paint to give it the “cave” look. We also bought some rubber stencils of animal footprints; we used three kinds that he picked out, that we dipped in the dark gray paint. I bought a piece of fabric for about $10.00 to match the gray, and hung it in front of his “cave”. Above his bed we got wooden cutouts that my son picked out for 25c a piece that he painted with the color of his choice. The room itself is a green color, picked from one of the dinosaurs.

The valance was to narrow, so we put it “inside” the window, and I took it with me to some stores that sell already made panels. I paid $12.00 a panel. We found interesting plants and pots at the grocery store, a $5.00 lantern from IKEA with a battery operated tea candle inside, for his windowsill.

His desk is an old IKEA desk from an office; the chair is his brothers IKEA chair from long ago. The metal dark gray bookshelf with the fish tanks, we bough new from IKEA for about $15.00. The beanbag and pictures he had before. The decorations are some of his dinosaurs and “old” things he wanted to keep in his room. I believe that your very personal favorites, make it very special, and nobody has a duplicate.

The beanbag, with some imagination, looks like a rock. (His room use to be the laundry room, was then made into a baby’s room, we had bought closets at IKEA and built in the bed using a wood planks, and old dresser drawers for storage below. The empty space between the closets and the wall we made shelves out of leftover planks )