Based in Vancouver, Surface Collective is a design company that is passionate about revitalizing and transforming any and all flat surfaces into unique & energized spaces. The creative result is a high-end fusion of art and interior design that offers a fresh approach to personalizing your space. Their removable Wall Tattoos, cut from adhesive vinyl, transform a flat space into a work of modern art.

For the Do-It-Yourselfers, a line of pre-designed images is available to buy on the website, and through select retailers. With prices ranging from $50-210 (CDN), you’ll find a design for each individual style and budget. You can customize the vinyl colour to match your décor. The tattoo, in essence a fancy sticker, is easy to apply. All it takes is a clean flat surface, and some time and care on your part to make sure it’s in the ideal spot. Easy to remove, there’s no trace once you take it off the wall, so no need to repaint the surfacethat the decal once covered. SURFACE also offers custom design services. Motivated by a desire to awaken their clients’ creative natures, they can create an exclusive new look for your home or workspace within days. For commercial projects, the final image design is one which is in line with your corporate brand identity.

Simple to apply, easy to remove and limitless in design, these SURFACE wall tattoos are ideal for home, commercial and corporate spaces. So if you’re looking for a way to distinguish yourselves from your neighbors, why not do it with this fun & sexy product?