As global warming takes effect, and we have to think of more environmentally friendly ways to live our hectic lives, people are increasingly thinking of new ways to accomplish this effort. Check out this new concept home by Cradle 2 Cradle. It has a photosynthetic, phototropic spinach skin surface and a vegetated roof system that filters storm water in.

The residence incorporated many other sustainable features. It was designed with passive solar strategies in mind, using thermal mass and shading devices where appropriate. It has a landscaped roof garden designed to collect and filter stormwater . It recycles black and grey water to be used in garden, which in turn provide fruits and vegetables to the occupants. Soy-based wall panels and recycled concrete materials are used within the structure providing a sustainable alternative to standard construction materials. Not only does the building run a photosynthetic and phototropic skin made with spinach protein, but it also produces more energy than a single family’s needs, allowing the excess to be distributed to neighbors. This radical shift, from centralized energy systems today, fosters community interdependence as neighbors benefit from the resources of others. – Via – Io9 & Ecofriend