Millennia Electric Touch Top Cooktops balance understated elegance with high performance, offering powerful, quick heat response for greater control, accuracy, and durability. When you look at this new of form of “elegant cooking” you don’t even want to cook, because the surface is to stylish, shiny and clean. Featuring powerful and quick heat response for greater control, accuracy, and durability, the sleek Cooktops also presents scratch-resistant ceramic glass top, beveled glass edges, three-second response elements, residual heat indicators, safety heat limiter, safety element lockout, unique glass touch controls and raised Ventilation Compatible.

If you were asking how this cooktop work here’s a brief explanation : The “Hot Dots” technology adds a thick (3.5mm) aluminum disk which is impact bonded to the base of the five-ply body under hundreds of thousands of pounds of pressure. The “Hot Dots” partially expose the aluminum disk in the form of holes, or “dots”, which allow the flame direct contact with the aluminum. As a result, heat conductivity is facilitated quicker (on average, 15% faster than pots considered best in the world at this feature), not just at the base but throughout the entire pan. You can have it for $1,670 from here – Via – Hometone