If you want something different for your door you can take a look at these Touchpad Lock Doorknob. From today you can forget where you put your keys, because touchpad lockset doorknob locks or unlocks your door when you enter a customized code. This convenient touch pad system is similar to high-security applications found in office buildings and institutional facilities, yet can be easily installed at home by anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver.

You set the entry codes yourself — the only people that will know the codes are the ones you give it to. Codes can be anywhere from 2 to 8 digits. You can program as many as six different entry codes, each of which can be added or deleted individually. This feature makes it easy to enter temporary codes for houseguests, maids or repairmen. Programming is a simple push-button process, and takes only minutes. You can have it for $112,99 from here.